Thursday, June 19, 2014

Ten Years Ago: Our First Date

I wrote this a while back for a shutterfly book I made for Fred, I wrote all about us and our first date, how he proposed, our wedding. Since it's our anniversary I thought I'd share the story of our first date 10 years ago! I like to relive this special moment, the beginning of our love story. Here it is, once upon time:

Fred and Nancy were both 16. Fred was a greeter at a small church. Sunday mornings he would greet people outside coming into church, but he would always wait anxiously for one special person. As a gold van pulled up to the building Fred's heart would pump faster and his palms would get sweaty. There he would see Nancy coming out of the van with her family. He would politely shake everyone’s hands but shaking Nancy's hand was his favorite because he secretly liked her. He didn’t know at that time but she also liked him.

One day at church Fred bought a WWJD bracelet for Nancy. He handed it to her and shyly walked away. She didn’t know that Fred had bought this bracelet specifically for her and since he quickly walked away, she thought he was handing them to all the people at youth group but he was trying to show her that he liked her. Later he befriended Nancy and he would take his friends to church to show them the girl he secretly liked.

As Nancy and Fred became better friends they would talk on the phone all the time and wrote letters to each other back and forth. It was obvious that they both felt the same way for each other, so Fred asked Nancy on a date.

Nancy asked her parent's and they agreed to let her go with him to the movies but she had to take Mercedes her foster sister that lived with them because she could not go alone so Fred took his friend Richie to also accompany them. 

At the movies Fred paid but Nancy had a coupon, her thriftiness surprised him and made him like her even more. Then the couples separated, Fred and Nancy went to watch Tom Hanks', The Terminal. They sat next to each other both with hope that they would hold hands but they were too shy to make the first move so with joy and excitement they gladly shared the armrest. 

For dinner they had Del Taco, it was Fred's favorite but he was too nervous to eat his food. Nancy was very hungry so he offered his fries and she didn't hesitate, she ate them up! Fred's love for her just kept growing so he knew what he had to do next.

That night Fred built up the courage to ask her to be his girlfriend. Richie and Mercedes took a walk while Fred and Nancy sat on the bed of his truck. It was a June summer night with a chill in the air. Fred lovingly offered his cardigan to keep her warm, she accepted. Fred was unlike any other guy she had ever met. He had her heart.

It was time to take her back home so they got in the truck to pick up Mercedes down the street. As they were driving Fred finally said what he'd been wanting say to her all night, "Will you got out with me?" Nancy replied, "Where?" He then made himself clear and with embarrassment explained that he wanted them to be girlfriend-boyfriend. The question caught Nancy off guard, this was their first date and she didn't expect Fred to ask her to be his girlfriend so soon. She was speechless but pleasantly surprised!

At that very moment Fred pulled up to Mercedes and Richie. Nancy got out of the truck, she opened the door to let Mercedes in. Fred was panicking not sure what Nancy's response was going to be, he got out to let Richie in and forgot to put the breaks on! When he realized the car was slowly rolling away he quickly jumped in the car and slammed on the breaks and the door on Nancy's side swung and hit her from the impact!

Fred was so embarrassed and felt like a failure. He had just made a fool of himself in front of the girl he loved. Nancy was nervous to respond because as much as she wanted to say yes, she was not allowed to have a boyfriend. Her parents had agreed to let her date until her senior year in high school, she was barely going to be a junior that fall. 

Fred walked Nancy to her front door unsure of what she was going to say. They paused at the door and Nancy explained she had to wait a year before she could have a boyfriend. She wasn't saying no but she was saying wait. Fred loved Nancy and was willing to wait for her until she was allowed to date. He admired her willingness to honor her parents and wanted to do the same.

For a whole year Fred and Nancy were friends, they got to know each other and loved hanging out together, their love for each other grew and grew. That next summer before Nancy's senior year of high school her parents gave them the blessing to become girlfriend and boyfriend. 

And 5 years later they married and 5 years after that they celebrated 10 years of love and had 2 babies! 

I love you Fred, I love that you still offer your cardigan like you did that day, I love that these last 10 years have been the best years of my life. We've gone to prom, celebrated high school and college graduations, got engaged, got married, relocated states, got a dog, started careers, suffered miscarriages, bought a house, had two beautiful boys, we're kinda broke but rich in love and blessings and unbelievably happy! The Lord has been good to us, we don't deserve it. May our marriage always point to him and may we glorify the Lord together in all we do. I love you handsome. Happy 5 years of marriage and 10 years of love!
2006, Senior Prom
2007, He Proposed!
June 19, 2009
2010, 1 Year Annversary
2011, 2 Year Anniversary
Fall 2011
2012, 3 Year Anniversary
Our first child is born, July 25, 2012
 Spring 2013
2013, 4 Year Anniversary
Our second baby born, November 11, 2013
June 2014, Ready to celebrate our 5 Year Anniversary.
I love you handsome, thank you for the best 10 years of my life!

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day Love

"I never imagined being a father would feel this way... Its an honor"

Those are the words uttered by the father of my boys a couple of weeks ago. They stood out to me and keep replaying in my heart because that pretty much sums up the type of father Fred is. He loves his boys so so much, theres no doubt about it.

As soon as he walks in the door Luke & Noah light up like no other.

Daddy is the funnest, silliest and the most respected. Theres something in daddy's voice that always gets across to Luke, I can tell him "no" all day but when daddy says "no" it's completely different, Luke knows daddy don't play! Well he plays all day but when it's serious business, Luke knows he needs to listen to daddy!

I don't think a day goes by that Fred mentions how he can't believe we have two amazing little guys and expresses to me just how much he loves them. It's such a joy watching him as a dad and watching our boys start to want to be like him.

I'm so blessed by this man, the best of the daddies I know.

Happy Fathers Day love, you are an amazing father, there's no other man I would want raising and loving our boys! Thank you for all you do for our family!

Love you sweetheart.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Sweet 7 Month Noah

Yesterday Noah turned 7 months! I can't believe how big my baby has gotten! It kinda freaks me out a little when I see him in pictures because I'm like, Man! He looks huge! But when I'm holding him and caring for him I still feel like he's my teeny tiny baby! Here's a little of whats going on with My Noah at 7 months:
  • He sits up for the most part, I put a boppy pillow around because he'll unexpectedly throw himself back but he likes to sit and play with toys.
  • He eats food! He's had baby cereal, green beans, carrots, mum mum crackers, and in the last week has moved up to watermelon, strawberries and eggs! We used to be able to put him on the bouncer while we ate and now he screams because he wants to join us!
  • He weighs and measures..? I think the size of a small turkey. We skipped his 6 month appt, I know bad mommy, we'll take him for his 9 month, no biggie. Lets just say he's healthy and those little rolls prove it. 
  • He rolls around like a rolly polly. He ends up across the room from rolling around!
  • He's still breastfeeding and finally starting to take some formula. I'm thinking of weaning him off by the end of summer, we'll see how that goes...
  • Sleeps on his tummy and wakes up about 2-3 times on a good night. 
  • He stands really well supported, I'm betting he'll be an early walker!
  • Got in the pool for the first time last week, he wasn't super thrilled but didn't dislike it!
  • He goes to the nursery on sunday mornings at church and does pretty well!
  • He screams when he gets upset, he can go from 0-10 in screaming crying mode in less than 10 seconds! It used to freak me out at first but he can turn it off in a second as soon he gets what he wants. It's a bit dramatic. But thats what happens to little brothers, they have to be extra loud to be heard! 
  • No teeth yet. (Thank God! Lets wean him off first, please!)
  • He's sweetie pie. Smiles all the time, talks bunch with his cooing! Giggles at daddy and brother. And rests his sweet head on mommies chest, melts my heart on a daily basis!
  • Oh and those curls! I'm in love with those curls! They're a reminder of God's goodness! I've always wanted a baby with curls and here they are! Daddy wants to give hims hair cut already but I refuse!!

Noah, you fill our home and hearts with joy and laughter, you add sweetness to our day. I love you my little guy.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Let the Summer Festivities Begin!

School is out peeps! And Daddy is off for Summer break! I love being married to a teacher. So today after graduation he met us at the lake near our house and we had a little splash day. 

Luke's been having a bit of sensory issues when it comes to feet, he flips when his feet touch grass or crumbs, super random, so I thought he was going to freak out a little at the lake with the water and squishy sand... Nope! Kid was overjoyed. I mean, happy, happy happy!

The plan was to walk along the edge and just get our feet wet... That doesn't work when your kiddos LOVE water. Luke rode home naked in a diaper because I didn't have extra clothes for the boy.

Noah got in on the action as well. He dipped his toes in the lake water for the first time. He didnt mind it one bit. I bet if he could run around he'd be right next to big bro splashing around!

Here's to the beginning of summer and to many more splash days! 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Love Bears All Things

Meet Bear.

He is Luke's beloved and I'll admit it, I envy Bear!

Bear gets all the hugs, kisses and cuddles, poor bear has no nose because it got bitten off from the constant biting kisses! He got this bear from grandma, she purchased it for him from Build-a Bear for his first Christmas, since then they've been inseparable!

But when it comes to mommy Luke is not very affectionate, I've struggled with this to the point of tears. I've asked myself "Did I do something wrong? Does he love me?" When I was pregnant and found out he was a boy people would always tell me how sweet boys are to their mommies so I anxiously waited for that day to come! I'm still waiting...

I even found myself googling for answers, "Why is my child not affectionate?"

I try to kiss him and he leans his head in instead, I try to hug him and he fights me and wiggles himself out of my arms. When he gets hurt or when we're out around crowds he does want me and runs to me but that's about it.

All I want to do is cuddle and love on this kid I so fervently prayed for!

I have to accept that that's just the who he is, he's never been that kid who wants to be held. Since he was a baby he didn't like sleeping in my arms he just wanted to be put in his crib to sleep. With me and others he's not a hugger, he's a fist pump type of dude.  Now as a toddler he's that strong willed, let me do it on my own, don't hold my hand type of boy.

We've had plenty of meltdowns in parking lots because he wants to walk all by himself! He'd rather throw himself on the ground than hold my hand! That turkey...

Well all that doesn't keep me from kissing and hugging him one bit! He'll just squeal and get a silly grin on his face, I know deep down inside he enjoys me and does love his momma but he likes to plays the hard to to get card with me!

Luke's strong willed personality has drawn me to prayer.

I keep a prayer journal specifically for him and over and over again the pages are filled with, "Lord help him to be loving, help him obey, help him not be so angry and to not hit, help me be loving and patient with him" and of course my biggest prayer is that he would come to know Jesus.

I've began to see some of these prayers answered. My lap is becoming a comfy seat on the couch and at the dinner table, I'll take it! He blows kisses to people when he says bye! He pats Noah on the head sometimes. And just the other night he sorta kissed me! He leaned in real close and it was more of a bite but I'm pretty sure he was trying to kiss me! I got teary eyed I was so happy! I'll take any form of affection from this kid even if its just for a few seconds!

So back to bear. He was once just a nap/bed time companion now he gets dragged around everywhere! He's developed this distinct musty detergent smell that Luke loves and sniffs when he holds him. 
One day he'll get tired of bear and move his affection towards other things, maybe not even me and that's ok, maybe it will be his future wife. I bet she won't have a problem getting him to hold her hand and give her kisses and if she does we'll be able to relate and talk about how I had the same issue when he was little and we'll pray for him together! For now I will continue to love him unconditionally and continue to display Gods love towards him.

Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. 
Love never ends. 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

Luke with Bear around 7 months.
This is normal.
Just hanging outside, with bear of course!
We tried buying him a new bear after he bit off the nose of his real bear but he's faithful to bear.

The usual response to mommy trying to hold him!
Look at that grin!
The first time he actually laid with me, he woke up crying and then laid on the couch with me! This never happens!
I'm telling you this is normal for most moms, for me its a real treat! It also helped that I had a cookie!
Mommy will always love you and give you a million kisses, get used to it!