Monday, October 1, 2012

Happy 2 Months Luke!

Oh my how this little guy grown! I have always heard other parents say, "they grow up so fast," and I didn't know exactly what they meant until now! I go back and look at the pictures of him in the hospital and he was so teeny tiny! And now he is 2 months old! And guess what, he's growing up so fast!!! At his 2 month doctor's visit he was in the 80th percentile weighing 13lbs 7oz, and 90th percentile measuring 24 inches!

This is what Luke has accomplished this month!

  • Luke smiles! At first it was not a full on ear to ear smile, but I would talk to him in my mommy voice and you would see his little eyes just brighten up with a little toothless grin! It's the sweetest sight! The other day Fred came home late from work because he had back to school night and as soon as Luke heard Fred's voice and saw his face Luke lit up like a Christmas tree! I hadn't seen him that happy all day! You could really tell Luke was ecstatic to see daddy! Fred and I were almost in tears to see him so happy to see daddy! I think it's been one of the sweetest moments we have shared as a family next to the moment we met him! 

  •  Luke talks! Ok he's not using real words but me and him will sit there and chat all day! I talk to him and he responds with his sweet coos! I never knew a simple "ah-gooh" could melt my heart! I soak every little one up!

  • Luke poops! He was wearing size 1 diapers and just moved up to 2's! He's about to outgrow 0-3 months clothes and fits perfectly into 3-6 month clothing! This kid amazes me, he is so big! All the clothes he is fitting into now I had estimated he would be wearing during Christmas season when I bought it! 

  • Luke loves his baths! We give him a bath about 3 times a week. He gets all these fuzzies in between his fingers and toes! Not cute Luke! If he is being fuzzy a warm bath calms him down! 

  • Luke eats a lot! I haven't really had him on a schedule but he's been eating every 2-3 hours, These last few days I just started getting strict on holding him off until its been 3 hours and he does pretty well. 

  • Luke sleeps! Not as much as I wish he would during the night he wakes up 2- 3 times, feeds around 11pm then if I'm lucky doesn't wake up till around 3am and then 7am but sometimes he likes to spend time with me and wakes me up to squeeze in an extra feed.

  • Luke holds his head up high! He's gotten pretty good! Sometimes he looks like a little wobble head figure but he's got the hang of it!

This is what Luke's been up to this month:

We visited mommy's favorite fall festival! Grapevine's GrapeFest!

We went to Luke's first Frisco Roughrider's game! Daddy caught a t-shirt with his glove!

Luke at me grow!