Saturday, March 5, 2016

Friday Family Night!

The weather here in Texas has been amazing! It's the middle of winter and we are enjoying these 70 degree nights to the max! I'm not going to lie all though I have come to love the chilly Texan winters along with the occasional snow this weather reminds me of the good old California days!

I love being outdoors with my boys so this last Friday we decided to grab Chipotle to go and dine al fresco in the beautiful Shops of Legacy. 

We ate, walked around, visited some shops and grabbed some ice cream at Coldstone! 

These are some of my favorite nights and I never want to forget them!

Saturday Morning

Saturday mornings have become so special. After a long crazy week with the boys and a hard week with work for Fred we finally come together as a family and enjoy a big yummy breakfast together. This last weekend we made one of our favorites, biscuits and gravy from scratch with country potatoes and fried eggs. Talk about delicious comfort food! We usually make too much food so we decided to invite our friends over to share with and make our morning even more special! 

Valentines 2016

I have a love and hate relationship with Valentine's Day. Ever since Fred and I were dating I wasn't a huge fan. I feel like it feels so forced, I'm like, LOVE all year people! But I do think it's sweet, I love watching people picking out flowers and chocolate for their loved ones. 
Last year we stayed home and cooked an amazing meal, steak and lobster! This year we were going to do the same but then last minute decided to go out instead. 
We took the boys for a morning hike and then thankfully Fred's mom was able to watch the boys so we went out for a Dallas date! My fave! We went to the Bishop Arts district and had lunch at Oddfellows and walked around visited a few shops. Sweet times with my Valentine!

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