Thursday, April 19, 2012

Our Gender Reveal Party

We decided to have a gender reveal party because we thought it would be so fun to find out the gender of our baby along with all our friends and family. What that meant, we would NOT find out the sex during the ultrasound instead we would find out at our party by cutting into a cake and if the inside was blue=boy, pink=girl.

This is how it all went down:

We scheduled our ultrasound at Stork Vision in Frisco. They were so sweet and helpful! We told them we didn't want to know the gender during the ultrasound, instead we asked them to write the results on a piece of paper and then put it in an envelope without telling us the gender. We were so excited to see our little one because the last time we had seen our baby he was 6.5 weeks, the size of a peanut! This time I was 19 weeks and baby was the size of a mango!

During the ultrasound I was so happy to see that he actually looked like a little human! A head, little legs, arms, fingers! My baby was growing and didn't look like a little blob anymore! So the time came for her to look at the gender! She asked us to look away and then wrote down the gender on a paper and then stuck in an envelope.

We took the envelope to a baker and asked them to bake us a cake, the outside would be white and the inside would either be blue or pink depending on the results in the envelope. Then we got busy planning the party!

Here we are at Stork Vision in the waiting room!
Here is the envelope with the results! By the way I carried that darn envelope in my purse for a couple of days before taking it to the baker! Yes, it was tempting, but we were strong and determined!

Fred, my wonderful artist husband designed our invites. What would I do without him? They came out super cute! He even took a picture of the baby Vans we used for our announcement and photoshopped them and made every detail of the invite, I mean chose colors, put every dot in its place, just amazing! I was shocked how great they turned out!

And the day of!

Here's a few of the decorations
Made this so guest could cast their vote. Mommy voted boy, daddy voted girl...

We hung Fred and I's baby pics to show what our little one might look like.

Aunt Selina bought the cake for us. She picked it up for us because I was afraid that if we went the person handing us the cake would be like, "Here's your blue cake" and totally ruin the surprise for us.

Getting ready to cut the cake and find out, boy or girl!

Watch a video of the reveal!

Here's the paper the baker gave us back in the envelope. I had a feeling it was a boy! And momma was right! Fred was sure it was a girl so I think he had biggest shock!

And the start of our diaper stash! Thanks friends!

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