Thursday, May 24, 2012

Baby Luke's Nursery

Well after many many months even before I was pregnant, maybe even before I was married! I would imagine and dream what my babies' nursery would look like someday. Well my dreams are coming true and little by little baby Luke's nursery is coming a long! After many long nights on pinterest and many baby decor blogs of nurseries I finally had an idea of how I wanted to transform his room.

It was important for me that Fred be involved in the whole operation nursery but boy did this prove to be a challenge! I shouldn't have been surprised after how picky Fred was when it came to decorating our house. We had many, many, too many discussions over what we liked and what we both wanted for Luke and his room. White crib? Dark crib? This color? That color? Too girly? Too plain? Well after my emotional hormonal breakdowns and tears and the "how could you not like this" & "whats wrong with this one," Fred was a smart man and decided to leave the nursery up to me. I still wanted his input and his approval but he definitely became a little more open minded about my vision and many times I just had to say, "trust me." And so far he's pretty happy with how its coming together (I hope.)
I get asked all the time "So what theme are you doing his nursery?" and I never know how to answer them. Im not sure exactly what "theme" it would fall under, but I guess were doing a little of everything that I like: many patterns, many colors, many DIY projects & many resale/consignment finds that I've been able to score on! It's not your typical "baby" feeling room, you know the pastels and the baby blues, but I wanted something that was fun and playful that he can grow with. If you ask Fred what theme were doing he would say "nothing matches." He's so silly. And in away thats kind of what I wanted. Not so matchy matchy but somehow I feel like everything just comes together.
We started by painting the walls gray. Uncle Nick was so helpful and came to help daddy paint the room.
The dresser came from Ikea. I was a little worried that the red would be too much but it looks great! We're also going to use it as a changing table.
I found this Pottery Barn Kids lamp at the resale for 8bucks! It even had the regular price tag at the bottom $39.00, I got a steal! I found a lamp shade to go with it and Im planning on adding fabric to it.
I also found this at a resale. I thought it would be perfect to bring in some more red to go with the dresser and will be perfect to capture little Luke getting bigger and bigger!
So this rocking chair I got a baby consignment for about $115. I found this seat cushion on clearance for like 9 bucks! The chair was already comfy by itself and this not only added some extra cushion for my tush but it was super cute and fury and I just couldn't pass it for 9 bucks when it was regularly 30 bucks!
Every cowboy needs his rocking horse! We found this at Trader's Village. I loved it and had to convince daddy it was a great buy and it would look really cute in Luke's room. He finally gave in and even talked the lady down to like 32 bucks! Saved us 3!
Im making an ABC wall. I found a lot of the letters at the resale and then i bought other ones at craft stores. Im trying to make every letter different and I plan on painting and remaking many of them. I used the frames just to fill in the letters that I was missing just to get a better idea of how they would look all spread out.
My striped curtains! Boy these were a labor of love! So I found instructions on how to make these from plain curtains. Im not a sewing machine but I am a iron on glue queen! I wish I could explain how I made these but Im not even sure how I did it! This is how not legit I am, I even measured my stripes with scrapbook paper! Well these cost a total of maybe 10 bucks. All I had to buy was the iron on glue, I had a pair of black curtains I had gotten from Target a couple years ago (on clearance) and then I had white fabric we had bought to use as a backdrop when we took our Christmas pictures the first year we were married.
Closet has also been reorganized a little and all the clothes we have for him has been washed and put in hangers!
And here is what we have so far. Ok so it looks a little discombobulated... but thats because we had just been blessed with two showers at both of our jobs and we kind of just threw everything in there! Well Im happy to say that it is all been cleaned up since then and that box in the corner is the crib! Daddy and grandpa are going to build it this weekend. And then I can get started on making the crib-skirt and probably start hanging stuff on the wall.
So I think our To Do List includes: rug, light fixture, book wall, crib skirt, and a whole bunch of little details! I'll try to post some more pictures as we start getting more stuff together!

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