Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A Neutral Home

Hi guys! My beautiful friend Laura Beth offers consultations and design services. She's so talented and will work with you to help you decorate your home! She asked me to do a guest post about my neutral home, click here to read more and see more pictures! 

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Pumpkin Patch 2014

The pumpkin patch is one of my favorite traditions! I start looking forward to it in the hot summer, too bad it still feels like summer! Well this year was Noah's first pumpkin patch trip and grandpa joined us too! Last year we went he was still in my belly! And the year before that... Luke didn't even walk yet!

This year we got to do a lot more "fun" stuff with the boys like ride what Luke called the, "choo-choo," this make- shift barrel train ride. By the end of the ride our legs were numb and our backs were sore, man we're getting old but you gotta sacrifice for the sake of your kids joy! But really it was a lot fun! Luke loved it!

Noah kept reminding me he's getting all growed up and not so much of a wittle baby anymore. Whenever he saw Luke running around he'd wiggle himself out of my arms and would try to walk with me holding him by the hands. He's got a month left before the big ONE! 

Grandpa also kept trying to have Luke feed the animals but Luke was not having it!

I didn't realize we didn't get many pictures with pumpkins or believe me I would have been that annoying mommy forcing their kids to sit with the pumpkins whether they like it or not. I was able to get a few of Noah but not of Luke the independent 2 year old who currently answers "NO, I don't want to!" to every request mommy makes... 

Well it was still a blast even though I didn't get that perfect family picture in front of all the pumpkins! I truly enjoyed just watching Luke running around careless and free, being exactly what he is a little boy.