Friday, June 6, 2014

Let the Summer Festivities Begin!

School is out peeps! And Daddy is off for Summer break! I love being married to a teacher. So today after graduation he met us at the lake near our house and we had a little splash day. 

Luke's been having a bit of sensory issues when it comes to feet, he flips when his feet touch grass or crumbs, super random, so I thought he was going to freak out a little at the lake with the water and squishy sand... Nope! Kid was overjoyed. I mean, happy, happy happy!

The plan was to walk along the edge and just get our feet wet... That doesn't work when your kiddos LOVE water. Luke rode home naked in a diaper because I didn't have extra clothes for the boy.

Noah got in on the action as well. He dipped his toes in the lake water for the first time. He didnt mind it one bit. I bet if he could run around he'd be right next to big bro splashing around!

Here's to the beginning of summer and to many more splash days! 

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