Friday, July 25, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Luke!

Baby boy you are two today, last night I tucked my sweet one year old baby and today a TWO year old woke up, ready to conquer the world! I love you sweet guy. Your smiles are the brightest, your giggles are the sweetest and your meltdowns even make me chuckle on the inside.

This last year has been such an adventure with you.

You stood by me hand in hand as my tummy got bigger and you innocently and unknowingly became a big brother. The best big brother! You are amazing, I could not have asked for a better transition of you becoming a big brother and bring your baby brother home. Some days were harder than others but we pulled through, together!

This year you broke your little leg. You had a cast on for 3 weeks and still baby boy you were stronger than ever. It did not stop you one bit! You're independent willing spirit shone through and I'm convinced it made you more coordinated having a little cast on still running wild!

I am most grateful this year for your little kidneys that the Lord healed. When you were in my tummy and the doctor told me something was not right with your kidneys my heart ached and worried that you were going to suffer as you got bigger but The Lord heard my prayers for you and the prayers of many that joined me and asked for healing of you sweet boy. I'm so grateful for every prayer that was prayed that was not in vain! The Lord healed you!

I'm so grateful I am your mommy. I would not trade it for the world. Somedays you make me countdown the hours and minutes 'til your bed time because you be driving me nuts! But most days you are sweet and I could cuddle up and read you books all night if I could!

I'm excited at what the Lord has for you this coming year. What will you learn, what will you conquer? I'm here with you baby every step of the way,  I love you, Happy 2nd Birthday! Welcome to the terrific TWOS!

Here's whats up with Lukey Boy:
  • Favorite Song: Radioactive by Imagine Dragons, LOVES IT! He can listen to it all day long, and he's obsessed with the music video as well! 
  • Favorite Food: In-N-Out, he'll take a patty with cheese and fries...
  • Favorite Book: The Very Hungry Catepillar, calls it "hungy, hungy..." 
  • Favorite Show: Calliou, it's so weird. I used to think that show was annoying but it's taught him a lot actually like about being a nice big brother, being patient, sharing, and learning to hold mommy and daddy's hand when he walks, needless to say, it's now my favorite show too.
  • Favorite Toy: Anything he can throw around, basketballs, soccer balls, bouncy balls, if its round, he's a fan...
  • Loves bugs, frogs, butterflies, anything creepy crawly!
  • Loves books, can leave any toy store with out throwing a fit but take him to a book store and not buy him anything... Fun screaming sesh.
  • Will walk himself to time out, and stay there! Spankings didn't really work, somedays needed but usually time out seems to do the trick! (Praise the Lord!)
  • Loves the water, he's a total fish baby!
  • He's fearless, its scary and exciting to watch!
  • He does not like to get embarrassed, or have people watch him or laugh at him, he'll flip! I'm hoping he'll lighten up a little as he gets older! 
  • He has a tradition with daddy, every morning when daddy brews coffee, Fred will grind the coffee beans and Luke runs to the kitchen to smell the coffee grinds! He actually calls coffee SASA, or SALSA... Not sure, but we know he means coffee when he says it!
  • He's talking like no other, It's amazing, like everyday I hear him say some new word that I had never heard him say before!
  • He calls all girls "Addy" after his cousin, It's hilarious!
  • He says the F word... It's not what you think, I promise we don't curse! He is really trying to say FROG but the R is silent and his G sounds like K. And seriously it doesn't help when your kid is obsessed with them and then you realize that there are frogs everywhere and your kid has to point them out to you everywhere you go! So I have to keep a straight face and say, yes baby, a FFRRROG!
  • Loves Bear, bear is a family member now that goes to every outing, tastes all the food, smells the coffee beans daddy grinds, he even got put in time out the other day by Luke! He's not allowed at bath time or pool days.
  • He was Batman for Halloween.
  • He loves story time at the library.
  • Omg. He still goes to bed with a bottle of milk, he's a grown man, I keep telling Fred we need to stop giving him a bottle but it's just part of our bed time routine! So we'll see when it stops!
  • Takes a nap around noon for about 1.5-2 hours. 
  • Wears size 2T starting to fit into 3T, shoe size 7.
  • He's becoming cuddly! I shared a while back how I was struggling with him not being affectionate, well slowly but surely he's gotten sweeter, he'll hug us and rest his head on us sometimes we even get kisses! The Lord is good, I know he's answering my prayers! 
  • I've been so grateful the fits have gone down and he's actually starting to listen to us, WHAA?  
  • Loves to chill. For as independent as this kid is, when it comes to chillin sitting down with the iPad or to watch a show he always wants mommy or daddy to join him, he'll say "Sit, sit," and pat the couch or chair. It kinda stinks when I want to get stuff done but it's cool because the little guy actually wants to spend time with us so I'm learning to just drop the the dishes to join him and enjoy him!

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