Thursday, July 24, 2014

Luke's Early Birthday Celebration!

We took Luke to the Dallas World Aquarium to start his birthday celebration early! Little guy turns 2 friday but we wanted to begin the festivities early! 

He loved it, he was a little scared at first but then after seeing the monkeys he warmed up to it! He was a little upset because he kept wanting to jump into the water where the fish were! He thought he could go swimming with the fishies!  

Afterwards we had lunch at the Bishops Arts District and ended the afternoon with coffee at Davis Street Espresso! Last year we gave Luke chocolate milk for the first time on his first birthday so we decided to make it a tradition and got him his very own chocolate milk to celebrate his 2nd birthday! 

Birthdays are a big deal in our family and we have many more fun plans to come! 
Happy babies, happy mommy!
Cutie pie, sitting down "reading" the brochure!
Daddy teaching him all he knows!
Noah wants to see animals too!
Hanging out in the shark tank!
So honored to be his parents! 
He just started to rest his head on our shoulders and we love it!!!
The bond between these two is beautiful and undeniable.
Lunch time sillies at Lockharts BBQ. 
And now, coffee!
Daddy's cortado!
Cheers to chocolate milk!
And the drive home! Out like trout!

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