Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Farewell Summer 2014

Well Summer has come and gone...

Ok, ok... Theres still almost a month left but lets face it, school starting totally marks the end of it and it should be kind enough to take this heat with it too! Ain't nobody got time for you heat!
But summer did bring many sweet memories, here's a recap and a list of some highlights!
  • Celebrated our 5 Year Anniversary
  • Paddle boarded.
  • Left the boys for two whole nights for the first time!
  • Mommy cut her, daddy shaved his off and Luke and Noah need haircuts! 
  • I grew a garden and then watched it die. (I don't want to talk about it.)
  • Swam under a waterfall.
  • Noah learned to crawl.
  • Luke started talking, a lot! 
  • I weaned Noah.
  • I started my period! (TMI but this is a big deal because I didn't have a period for like 3 years because I've been pregnant and breastfeeding this whole time!)
  • Luke turned 2!
  • Noah got his first tooth.
  • Nick got his first tattoo.
  • Daddy got a few gigs designing logos and such.
  • We had many Dallas dates.
  • Coffee. Enough said.
  • Went to the Perot for the first time.
  • Made an adult fort in our living room and camped in the great indoors. 
  • Baked, brewed, baked, brewed, repeat.
  • Shows we got hooked on: The Killing, American Ninja Warrior, Naked and Afraid, Nathan for You, Sesame Street, Thomas and Calliou. (The last three were not by choice.)
  • Favorite Meal of the Summer: Franklin's BBQ. Duh.
And the top highlight of the summer goes to... Drumroll please... Having daddy home 24/7 for 2 months!!!

Anniversary Trip
    Garden Fail.
    Turner Falls
    Cow Appreciation Day
    Taste of Dallas
    Fourth of JulyLuke's Birthday
    Dallas Double DateNick's tat.The Fort.

    Dallas Family Day Out

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