Sunday, January 19, 2014

From Baby to Toddler: 18 Month Luke

My sweet Luke is about to be 18 months, that's a year and a half! My, oh, my, it has been an unforgettable eventful 18 months! I can sincerely say that I'm amazed by him everyday. His silly personality, his cool dance moves, the new things he learns everyday and even that mean squinty face he makes when he's mad, I'm completely in love with every ounce of that child.
  • His favorite toys are anything that he can smack around, spatulas are a big hit, swords, spoons, light sabers, plastic bats, paper towel rolls, he always has one of those in his hand. He recently got into cars and loves those too, little hot wheels, big trucks, he's a fan! 
  • Luke's a talking machine! Cracks me up every time I hear him say his little words followed by a bunch of gibberish! He can clearly say: "eat," "mama," "go," "agua," "shoes," and  my favorite is his "Ah man" when something goes wrong! He says Mah= More, teese=cheese, mil= milk. He also signs: help, more, eat and all done but he started that pretty early on and has been doing it less and less since he's gotten more verbal but his Help and Eat sign he still uses a lot.
  • He's a my little "helper." He'll help me in the laundry room by taking clothes out of the dryer even when I'm trying to load it he'll want to take them out! He throws away diapers and pretty much anything I tell him to put in the trash. He'll also grab the broom and "sweep" the floor!
  • He's got good hygiene! Loves baths, as soon as I say bath time he'll get a big smile on his face and run to the bathroom! He loves to brush his "teesh," like all day. If we're in the bathroom he'll point to the sink and then stick his finger in his mouth and say "teesh, teesh."
  • Favorite snacks are nutrigrain bars, fruit squeeze's, bananas, yogurt raisins, cheese sticks and crackers. He eats 90% of anything I offer. The other 10% is squishy or juicy tart fruit he's not a fan! 
  • He loves to sing and dance. In the car he'll bob his head around to the music and swing his little arms and legs to the beat. When he tries to sing he'll even adjust his pitch according to the song. Through out the day he'll sing his "Ohh Reee ohh"song or his Katy Perry's eye of the tiger  chorus  part,  "oh, oh, oh, oh, ohh."
  • If you make him mad... Oh you'll know! He gets his mean face on, wrinkles his forehead and starts mumbling who knows what under his breath. Sometimes he'll run and hide behind the curtains or finds a wall to hide behind of. It's hard to keep a straight face with this silly kid! Sometimes I have to walk out of the room and just laugh! 
  • Thank God he's outgrowing the hitting us on the face because we have zero tolerance for that, it's never ok to hit, we really had to lay down the law with that one and discipline the little guy and he's gotten better about it. His anger issues have encouraged Fred and I to pray for his little heart, practice positive reinforcement and discipline with love.
  • He loves his baby brother and his puppy! Every time Noah starts to whine Luke will say, "Uh-oh!" and rush to Noah. He loves to hug gnarly and chase him around the house.
  • Love going out. As soon as he sees me getting ready he'll start saying, "Go, go..." and he'll want to grab the diaper bag and he goes to the front door or the garage door. We like to go for walks, the park, library and the mall.
  • He's kind of obsessed with "uh-cles" right now. He knows and recognizes circles every where, tiny, big ones, on the ground, on the ceiling he'll point them out and say "Uh-cle!" He even drew uh-cles on our walls and bathroom door the other day! Lets just say all crayons are hidden now! 
I can't believe six months from now I'll have a 2 year old! I love you Luke, every ounce of you, every smile, every fit, every milestone and everything in between you make me the happiest proudest mama!

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