Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Resolutions

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Fred and I decided to come up with our 2014 Resolutions together. I feel pretty good about the outcome of my 2013 resolutions except that I didn't get a tattoo! Lol! They were pretty innocent and silly now looking back. This year I wanted to make resolutions that mattered and would draw us closer to the Lord, each other, our family and our friends. Heres what we came up with:
  1. Love the Lord with all our heart, mind, soul and strength- We want to live for him daily and surrender our selves to him by being in constant prayer and staying in the word.
  2. Stay healthy, watch what we take in- Not only what we eat but what we take in with our eyes and ears as well. What we listen to and what we watch effects our spiritual health. 
  3. Invest in our relationship- Invest time and energy on each other. Make date night a priority and keep the passion alive!
  4. Love others- By being hospitable and making the effort to build and deepen relationships.
  5. Have family time- Bible reading, going for walks, the park, having adventures and building traditions and memories as a family. 
I'm pretty happy with them! But maybe I will be able to get my tattoo this year? Nothing crazy just a teeny tiny something! We'll see! Here's us at our friends NYE bash. We had a blast ringing in the New Year! Hope 2014 is full of blessings for you!   

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