Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Happiest Place on Earth

I'm not exaggerating when I say I believe Disneyland is the happiest place on Earth! I always believed it but going for the first time with my son just confirmed it! 

I've always had dear memories of Disneyland; when people ask what I miss most about California I always say Disneyland and the beach. Growing up as a little California girl I remember going with all my family, aunts and cousins, waiting in lines for hours, sitting on the sidewalk watching parades and just having the best time! And it only got better as I grew older.

When Fred and I were dating and had no clue what a mortgage was, what bills looked like and our only responsibilities were going to college, serving at Outback Steakhouse and getting me home on time we decided to get Disney Passes. I kid you not we were at Disneyland like every other weekend! We had some of the best date nights there! 

I took those dates and our days at disneyland for granted! 

So we decided to make Disneyland our top priority and destination on our California vacation! I had gone as a child, a girlfriend and now finally, a mother.

Its crazy how much your perception changes as a parent. I still enjoy the same things as I did before but now I get to enjoy them even more by seeing my son experience those same things. I get to see the world through his eyes! When I used to ride It's a Small World I would marvel at the little dolls dancing and all the cute outfits, this time I got to marvel at Luke's face. Priceless!

It was such a perfect day. We literally walked into most rides, barely any lines. We were done with everything we wanted to do by 3pm but you can't call it a Disneyland trip without staying for the fireworks! So for like 5 hours we just walked around, rode the train a few times, Luke napped and then we picked the perfect spot for Fantasmic! 

All day I fought back tears of joy as I got to experience Disneyland with our little family but as soon as I saw the fireworks boom and shine above the castle I burst into tears! Luke was already knocked out in the stroller but I got to end the night in the arms of my prince charming sharing a true loves kiss just like the old days only better!  

On the tram to Disney!

My first time choking up!

Being goofy!

Walking down Main Street!

Rodriguez Family 

Trying hard to pull the sword out!
In line for his first ride ever! Second time me tearing up!

Excited for the next ride!

Tea time! Too little for teacups still!

Storybook Land

"No Flash!" 

Fun at Pirates of the Caribbean

Haunted Mansion!

It's a Small World after all!

I think this was Luke's favorite ride!

His face when he saw Mickey Mouse!

Being a gentleman with Minnie!

Luke thought he was back in Texas!

The chipmunks loved Luke and Luke loved them!

Dancing with Woody!

Crying because he wants to touch Buzz!

Lunch time at Downtown Disney

Fred teaching Luke about Lego's


Nap time!

"No Flash!" again..
Ride back to the car!
Wiped out after too much Disneyland fun! Sleeping like a baby!

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