Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Little Brother? Little Sister? Gender Reveal!

I can honestly say that finding out we were having another baby boy has been one of the most shocking moments of my life! The last time I was taken off guard like that was the day Fred proposed, I totally did not see it coming! Just like I didnt see this boy coming either! 

All these months I was 99% sure we were having a girl. I felt it in my bones supposedly! With Luke I knew it was a boy and I had had such an easy chill pregnancy and this time it was completely different, I was so sick from day one, I'm carrying higher and I've just been a mess! I had a read a while ago that women who experience severe morning sickness or symptoms are more likely to have girls from the extra hormones messing with the body so that little tid bit of information convinced me that I was having a girl! BOY was I wrong!

So with Luke we did a gender reveal cake read amore about it here! This time we decided to do balloons in a box. Again we didn't find out during the ultrasound we asked the technician to put the results in an envelope for us. The day before Luke's party I went to Party City and asked a manager if they would be able to fill the box with pink balloons if it said girl or blue balloons for boy, he knew exactly what I was talking about and said no worries we've done this before we can get it done. Well I'm so glad my friend Selina came with me on the day to take the box because the surprise was almost ruined!

There must have been some kind of misunderstanding with the girl I spoke to because she got it all wrong! While I waited in the car Selina went in to pick up the box we had dropped off earlier and apparently they had blown up pink and blue balloons but had not stuffed them in the box! Selina had to reexplain what we wanted exactly and then we left again. I was worried that they still didn't know what they were doing and I also didn't want the surprise for Selina to be ruined when she went in again to pick up the box so I called the manager I had spoken to the day before and finally sorted things out! I also kindly asked that there be no pink or blue balloons in sight when we got there so the surprise wouldnt be ruined! And then they finally got it right and we were on our way home with our stuffed box!

When we opened the box I lost it! It was exactly what I wanted all along, another baby boy, a brother for Luke! When I first started praying for another baby I had prayed specifically for a boy. Once I got pregnant and I supposedly knew it was a girl I felt guilty I had prayed for a boy but I thought to myself, the Lord knows exactly what I need and maybe I need a little girl in my life so I'll be happy with my little girl and I prepared my heart and mind for little pink dresses and bows! I disregarded that prayer and just trusted that the Lord knew what he was doing giving me a girl and then....

SUPRISE!!! I got my BOY!!!!

I just feel spoiled and blessed and humbled all at the same time that the Lord would not only bless us with a healthy baby right away but that on top of that he would give me exactly what I wanted a little boy! I don't deserve his grace, he is too good to me! But why should I be surprised that he is good and answers prayers? Through my pain and suffering he has not let me down and through this joyful chapter of my life he is good to me! Thankful for the works the Lord is doing in my life and for they boys he's provided! Praise be to God!

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