Friday, November 2, 2012

Happy 3 Month Luke!

My big guy turned 3 months this September 25th! I can't believe its only been 3 months but at the same time I feel like "he's already 3 months?!?" It's been a crazy fun exciting month. This month we kind of put on hold my role as a stay at home to help our friends open up their restaurant. I only worked a couple evenings a week and Luke got to spend lots of time with his abuelitos! He was such a trooper and behaved very well with them, making mama very proud! Being a working mommy definitely made me appreciate my time at home with Luke so much more. Now that I am done working I feel like I can manage my time and home without having to worry about getting Luke ready to go, making sure I'm pumping enough milk, dropping him off, picking him up... Now Luke can have me 24/7, well except for those date nights that mommy and daddy need to catch up on movies and popcorn! 

This month Luke...

  • This month I have no idea how much Luke weighs but I'm sure he's gained a couple of pounds because he wears my arms out and just look at those legs and cheeks! Im still nursing him and I think that really helped me get back to my normal weight this month. Fred said Luke gained all the pounds I lost, very true!  

  • He is barely fitting into size 2 diapers, Im sure he'd fit perfect in 3s but I still have a few packs of size 2 diapers left. Thanks to our amazing friends and family who bought us diapers for our gender reveal party we haven't had to buy diapers since Luke was born except for a few newborn packs! 

  • This month Luke started to show his smile to the world! He's very responsive when you interact with him, he's full of goohs gahs and smiles, such a sweetheart! Once in a while I hear sweet chuckles out of no where!

  • He holds his head up pretty good when I carry him. He can sit fine in his bumbo seat! sometimes when were sitting on the couch we'll sit him up with us and he just likes to chill like a big kid!

  • He also discovered his hands! No he doesn't put his fingers in his hands, this kid shoves his whole fist in there and eats it like a big mac! 

  • I busted out the bibs this month because he's been extremely drooly! Before I put bibs on he was wetting his whole chest from the drool! I don't know if its because his putting his hands in his mouth or if he might be teething, i think its kinda early for teeth, but with this big kid you never know!

  • Speaking of big... Officially out of 0-3month clothes, fits perfectly into 6month, gets by wearing 9month and last sunday I put a 12month shirt on him! He needs pj's, the ones he's wearing now are 9 months, when I went shopping for him it felt so wrong looking for 12 month pjs for my 3 month old! Lol! 

  • We're not really on a schedule but at night he usually wakes up twice to eat, during the day he's pretty awake and then takes about 4-5 solid naps through out the day. I'm getting better at reading him and knowing when he's ready for a nap. My sweet guy will start to fuss, then all I do is swaddle him up put him in his crib while his awake and he falls asleep on his own. He doesn't like to sleep in my arms anymore which makes me kinda sad :( but at the same time happy because it gives me time to get stuff done!

Luke is such a great baby, makes it too easy for mommy, seriously the only time he fusses is when he's hungry, tired, needs a change or just wants some cuddles. Im so blessed by my little chunker who keeps me busy but happy all day. I love you Lukey!

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