Sunday, November 18, 2012

Dedicating Luke to the Lord

Today was a very special day! We dedicated Luke to the Lord and made a commitment as parents to raise Luke according to God's word. Before I used to think that baby dedications were just a simple way to share with the congregation how cute your baby was and simply pray for them. The Lord has revealed to me that there is way more to it than that!

I now believe that baby dedications are as serious as a wedding ceremonies! This is commitment we are making as we stand before our church, friends, family and most importantly the Lord and admitting that we cannot raise Luke on our own. We need prayer and we need the Lord's help and guidance to raise Luke and we can't do it on our own! 

In a way I dedicated Luke to the Lord the day I found out I was pregnant. The morning I took a pregnancy test and saw that it was positive I took a walk by myself. It was a chilly november morning, Fred was still asleep and I needed some fresh air and needed to process what I had just found out. The chill air confirmed that it was not a dream, this was really happening. I just prayed the whole time as I walked. I was scared that this was going to end up as another miscarriage but the Lord was just putting it in my heart to pray. 

I prayed for Luke, back then the size of a poppyseed! I first acknowledged that Luke was not mine, he was the Lords. I had been given the privilege to borrow Luke and being the Lord's meant he could take him from me at any day. I prayed for his health, I prayed for his salvation, his purity, his future career, his spouse, I prayed for every day the Lord had prepared for him. 

Today I was reminded of that sweet prayer, a prayer that I have committed to continue. Im excited Fred and I get to introduce Luke to Jesus. We get tell him about how Jesus loves him so much and died for his sins and rose again! We get to introduce him to God's word! As exciting as it sounds its such an important and crucial job, which is why we need your prayers! We can't do this on our own!

Also!!!! Please pray for Luke's Kidney! 3 months ago I shared about his kidney, to read that click here. His doctors appointment is tomorrow, we scheduled this appointment months ago and what a coincidence that it happened to be the day after we dedicated Luke! Please pray that the ultrasound shows a healed kidney and no more baby Nemo! 

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