Friday, September 7, 2012

Luke's Room

I had planned to post Luke's nursery before he was born but the little guy decided to come 2 weeks early and now I finally have time! Well here it finally is! It's everything I had pictured! All the wall painting, bargain hunting, craft making paid off! Things I made: curtains, lamp shade cover, crib skirt, flag banner and I painted and re-made some of the letters. Things I found at Re-Sales/ Consignments/ Craigslist: Rocking Chair, Pottery Barn Kids lamp, changing pad, some letters, growth chart. And then everything else: Crib=Target, Dresser, Book ledge =Ikea, Foot stool=Marshall's, Table= Kirkland's, Rocking Horse=Trader's Village.
Now I'm waiting for him to sleep through the night so we can kick him out of our room and he can start sleeping in his own room! Or should I say kick him out of our closet... For now he is sleeping in his pack-n-play in our closet, it's not as terrible as it sounds, its a few feet from us and our closet is huge! I decided it was best that way since Fred went back to work and I didn't want every little grunt and moan Luke made to wake him up. My motherly ears still can hear it all so I hear him loud and clear when he's starting to get hungry! But we're all ready for him to sleep through the night! And this little 6 week growth spurt he is having right now is not helping!

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