Thursday, September 13, 2012

Family Day at Denton Square

Labor Day weekend we had a little family date. The weather had been cooling down so it was the perfect day to be out! And by cooling down I mean mid 90's not 100's! So i grabbed my hipster hat and hipster glasses and headed to old hipster Denton Square!

We had lunch at Mellow Mushroom, Fred and I had always heard great stuff about it from friends so we thought we'd give it a try! It was pretty good! but I'm always down for a fresh mozzarella basil and tomato pizza. We also heard they're opening one up in Frisco by the mall where Taco Stand used to be

After we headed to the thrift stores. I love thrift stores! Recently though I've been a little creeped out because of that dumb movie that just came out where the little girl is possessed from some box she buys at a yard sale, not sure what it's called because every time a preview comes on I run for the remote to change it! Too creepy for me! Anyways we didn't find anything but we had a good time looking through stuff some people think is worth selling!

Well then it was time for Luke's lunch! I nursed him outdoors for the first time, it was really nice with the nice breeze flowing and plus we didn't really have any other choice of where to feed him! I don't mind feeding him in public as long as have my hooter hider! Really thats the name of the brand! It's the cutest nursing cover I got for my baby shower. At first I did feel a little awkward and self conscience about nursing in public but now Luke and I have got it down! I was surprised though at the looks some people give. I totally ignore it but wish I could say to them, I'm not an alien, this is human, God made it this way! I know some people may find it strange and not feel comfortable with it but for me its a trade off, I love going out without having to worry about pumping or bottles and having to feed him isn't going to keep me stuck at home!

We ended the day at the square with Beth Marie's ice cream! Lately I've had such a kick for chocolate! I cant get enough! So i got my chocolate fix there. I love it Beth Marie's! Every time I walk in it makes me feel like I'm back to the future in the 60's! Such a cute place, fun environment and wonderful ice cream! Im excited to bring Luke back when he is old enough to eat ice cream!

I look forward to make Denton Square part of our family traditions! I'm so blessed to have my wonderful husband and my little guy to build family memories. Thankful to the Lord for all they joy he brings me as I get to enjoy life with my guys.

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