Monday, September 24, 2012

Luke's Newborn Pictures

Here they finally are! This is Luke at 2 weeks! Tomorrow he will be 2 months! He looks completely different! Now he has rolls galore! My little chunker is growing and growing!

So we took on the challenge to take Luke's newborn pictures. Probably the hardest shoot we have done! But also probably the most rewarding cutest pictures ever! I know every mom thinks they're baby is the cutest in the world but I really do think I have the cutest baby in the world! LOL!

It almost didn't happen because I had kind of a meltdown! I'm sure it was just my crazy hormones! Well before I knew it Luke was a week old and after settling in, getting used to sleepless nights, doctors appointments, I realized, we need his newborn pictures! We need to get them done! So Fred and I went to Hobby Lobby to get cute baskets to stick him in for the shoot. We bought a fury blanket from Costco  and used a wood table and a curtain panel for the background. The knitted blanket was made by our sweet friend Kelly, we love it! Its his favorite to sleep with!

The first time we tried taking his pictures was sooo stressful, and the kid would not stand still! We set up a room with great natural light got everything ready and the moment we stuck him in the basket he started screaming and crying! He was not having it! All I wanted was those cute pictures where the baby looks all dreamy and sleeping still! So that photo shoot ended early and we had no pictures!

After that stressful event I decided to youtube how to take newborn pictures. The video I was watching was very helpful! They used a portable heater to keep the baby warm and the mom nursed the baby right before so he would be knocked out and then they would pose him perfectly for the picture. Then the lady says, "the best time to take newborn pictures is between 7- 10 days after they are born." WHAT!!! When I heard that I lost it! I bursted into tears! I was devastated because Luke was 14 days! Blame it on my hormones but I thought to myself it was the end of the world! I could not turn back time and Luke was probably already too big to take the kind of pictures I wanted! I cried like Luke did when we stuck him in the basket!

Then I was reminded why I married my wonderful husband! He calmed me down and reassured me that everything was going to be ok and he was going to make sure we got great pictures of Luke. The next day we tried again.

After 3 hours, 2 sweaty foreheads, 2 stiff backs, 3 short feedings and lots of whispering we got Mr. Luke's pictures! Boy that was some work! But daddy came through with these beautiful pictures that I will cherish forever! And I am so thankful for how talented my husband is!

Unedited and me trying to calm him down to pose! (He's still so cute!)

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