Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Luke's 3rd Birthday

We celebrated Luke's 3rd birthday on Saturday! We went in his room in the morning and sang him Happy Birthday! He lit up as soon as he walked out and saw the table setting. It was the sweetest thing watching how excited he was for his birthday. Then we took him out for donuts and chocolate milk! We made it a tradition to treat our boys to chocolate milk on the day of their birthday so we went to West Oak and got chocolate milk on tap! Yummy! Later that day we had friends and family over for dinner and cake. The kiddos had a blast decorating their own cupcakes, hitting the pinata and running around together. My favorite part of the day was when Luke walked up to me in the kitchen and said, "thank you mom my birday, gimmie a hug." I'm so blessed and grateful that I get to be his mommy. He fills me with so much joy, his smile from that day is embedded in my heart forever.  

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