Friday, July 31, 2015

Home with Baby Nathan

Luke & Noah have been the best big brothers. I was very surprised with the smoothness of the transition bringing Nathan home. Noah worried me the most, he's a total momma's boy, he's rough, emotional, wears his heart on his sleeve type of dude. I wasn't sure how he was going to react to having a baby in the house. Well he's been such a loving affectionate big brother! He kisses the baby, he's gentle with him, he lets me know as soon as the baby starts crying. He's been so sweet! And Luke has been awesome too! He calls him "Nafan." He tries to put the pacifier in Nathan's mouth when he cries and he tells me to give the baby milk when it's time to nurse! With three boys our house is definitely louder, messier, full of tears and stinky diapers but also full of smiles, hugs, kisses and cuddles. It's hard but totally worth it, they fill my heart! 

P.S. We got them to sit still on the bed long enough to snap some pictures by putting candy on the bed! Hey, whatever it takes!

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