Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Luke 2.5

Luke turned 2.5 in January!

I can't believe how my tiny baby has transformed into this silly, bright, loving, funny toddler! Oh and the things that come out of his mouth! He truly says the darnest things. He keeps us laughing and embarrassing us!

The first thing he says in the morning when we get him is "Gooh Mow-ning" with the sweetest tone to it and he makes sure everyone in the house gets a treated with a good morning.

A while ago I had shared how I struggled with Luke being angry and not so affectionate. I honestly feel like the Lord has heard and answered my prayers for that little guy. It's still in his nature to be a little stand-off-ish, specially with those he doesnt know very well but I feel like he's totally coming around!

I'll be sitting on the ground and he'll come behind me and give me a big ol' hug and say, "I love you mommy," where did this kid come from? He's always had my heart but now that little guy just knows how to melt it and swoon me!

And he's very particular with how he likes his mommy to look. As soon as he sees me with my hair up he starts freaking out and says, "take it off mommy, take it off," so I'll put me hair down for him and he says, "thas better, looks good mom." He's so silly, but if it makes my little man happy, mommy will wear her hair down just for him!

He's so expressive and I dont just mean verbally, like his whole personality and being. He's just himself and beyond his years. I mean are toddlers usually into brewing coffee, and photography? I guess thats what you get when you have a creative daddy to look up to!

He loves birthdays, parties, singing, pretending, helping, washing dishes, making a mess, orange juice, eggs, wheaties, donuts, popcorn, m&m's, Ipad, Ninja Turtles, Tom & Jerry, video games, Donkey Kong, Zelda, just to name a few of his favorites.

He's about 75% potty trained. He wears pull-ups for naps and when we're out and thats mostly for my sake! I'm not ready to deal with wet pants and puddles while were in the middle of a Target trip! But he's picked up on it pretty well, he just had a hard time going poopie at first. But now anytime we're out he'll ask to go potty, I think he just enjoys the idea and the experince of going to a public restroom.

His favorite bible story is David & Goliath. We watch one on youtube and he loves it, I've tried to show him other bible story cartoons but he loves this one. I guess because there's swords and its this little guy against this big bad guy and the little guy wins, I guess he can relate, lol! When Goliath comes out he'll shout out, "Be nice Goliath!" and then he'll find anything he can swing around and throw it across the room as hard as he can. It's the cutest thing to watch... And when Goliath gets taken down he shouts, "Horray! He did it! Jesus helped him."

It's been such a joy watching him experience and learn about the world around him but seeing him begin to learn about Jesus... I can't handle it. Learning ABC's and 123's is cute and is an important lifeskill but learning about eternal things, gosh, it just puts this whole mothering thing into perspective for me. He's so smart, and attentive, he's really picking up on what we tell him about Jesus. We've heard him praying for Noah and Gnarly, and telling Noah, "Don't be scared, Jesus is wif you."

I just love that he's so encouraging, he always has an encouraging word, "try again Noah, you can do it." He peed all over the floor the other day and as I was cleaning he was saying, "good job mommy, looks good!" But he's also good about saying sorry when he does something wrong, I'll tell him, "I forgive you" and now instead of saying sorry he's starting to say "i foh-give you mommy." He's so sweet!

Luke being your mommy is one of the biggest blessing in my life. You're my answered prayer, you bring me so much joy! I love watching you grow, I love your smile, your personality! You're growing up too fast baby! Slow down! I pray you continue to learn about Jesus and that one day you give your heart to him. I love you baby!

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