Saturday, March 28, 2015

Austin Family Road Trip!

What was supposed to be a romantic mini babymoon turned out to be our first family road trip adventure!

We booked our little 2 bedroom house through air-bnb and invited our best friends Selina & Nick to have a couples getaway. We usually do a little overnighter or mini getaway in June for our anniversary but since my due date is so close to that date we decided to do it early.

And then it turned out that Fred's mom's springbreak fell on the following week so she wouldn't be able to watch the boys after all! Bummer right? Well it actually turned out to be an unforgetable adventure! We loaded the boys and the Hilton's in the mini-van and headed to Austin!

It was twice as hard, twice the mess, twice the meltdowns but twice the fun!

The boys really had a blast! And we had many funny firsts! Luke slepped on the bed with us for the first time, he refused the pack-n-play so he jumped on the bed with us, thankfully it was a king size! He struggled falling asleep the first night but once he did he was mostly fine, many tossing and turning and insisted having his feet on one of our heads while he used another of our heads as his pillow! Thats the furthest apart Fred and I have ever slept from each other! I never knew a King size bed could feel like a twin size! But we all finally got some rest!

We visited the Texas Capital, Mt. Bonnell, Zilker Park, Soco, yummy food spots, coffee shops and of course FRANKLIN'S BBQ! Honestly thats the main reason we wanted to go to Austin!

And of course the 4 hour wait did not disappoint. Franklins is the best BBQ evvveerrr! Thankfully Fred and Nick stood in line most of the time from 7:30am til it opened. Selina and I stayed home and packed the rest of our things and the boys and then met them there. We got sausage, turkey and of course, melt in your mouth brisket! We even got to meet the owner Aaron Franklin and took a picture with him! 

So overall traveling with kiddos was exhausting but a blast! My back killed me by the end of every night but I loved having the opportunity to make special memories with family and friends! I'm looking forward to our next road trip!     
Our little renta was cute from the inside out!
Our first coffee stop!
Luke and his coffee..
loving the artwork!
We love racing! Ready, set, go!
Beautiful Mt. Bonnell 
The crew!
I love my family!
The Hilton's! or as Luke calls them, "Lina and Uncle Nic"
Aesthetic Supply stickers!
Home Slice, authentic New York Style Pizza!
it was so yummy!
Testing out my photography skills!
Nick enjoying his slice!
We all loved it! Luke kept asking for "Austin pizza"
Waiting in the line for Franklin's!
Excited to eat! 
The line down tbe block!
cutest piece of brisket!
With the king of BBQ, Aaron Franklin! Super nice guy!
The boys also loved it!
Zilker Park
Momma bear
Riding the choo-choo train!
I'm pretty sure he was shouting out "choo-choo" here,  he was uber excited about the train!
I love this picture Fred took of Noah, taking in the scenery while his droopy cheeks rest on the rail.
Going under a bridge
He's such a ham. I love the little boy he's becoming. He's funny, sweet, caring and I love that he loved every part of our trip! He was always so excited about our next adventure.
Ended the trip with a bang at Gourdough's Donuts! 
She's such a babe.
This NEEDS to open in Dallas!
We sugared them up with sweets and then they crashed in the car and slept all the way home!

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