Saturday, February 14, 2015

The Proposal

A few months ago I shared about how I wrote a book for Fred one year with our love stories in it and I shared here one of them of our first date. For this Valentine's Day I thought I'd share our story about the day Fred proposed! The day he put a ring on it! Here it is...
Their spot...
Every year Fred and Nancy looked forward to going to the LA County Fair on a special date. They would go there every year to visit the spot where they shared their first kiss. It was a special spot, under the moon and stars in a garden on a hill lit by lights hanging from the trees. They would grab their favorite fair food, a bloomin onion and philly-cheese steak and then take it to their spot to share. 

Nancy should have seen it all coming.

A few months before leading to that day, anytime they went to the mall they looked at engagement rings "just for fun," Nancy tried on rings only dreaming of one day day actually owning one and being engaged. They were only 19 after all but she knew one day he would ask her to marry him so she wanted him to have an idea of what she liked for when the time came.

Little did she know that Fred was in fact looking for the ring he was going to propose with.

That night on, September 27, 2007 everything was going as expected for Nancy; the weather was perfect, the air smelled like sweet kettle corn and they strolled around looking at all the booths and vendors. On the other hand, Fred was a nervous wreck and all he could think about was that he was about to ask the girl of his dreams to become his wife. 

They grabbed their traditional dinner and went straight to their spot. When they finished Fred shared with her a few verses from the bible and they listened to some worship songs Fred had picked out for that night. This is why Nancy was so in love with Fred, he always found ways to include the Lord in their relationship.

He stood up and asked her to stand up with him to give her a hug. Nancy was sitting on the ground so she grabbed his hand so that he could pull her up, she noticed he struggled a little bit to help her up but didn’t realize why. He had trouble helping her up because in his other hand was the ring.  Fred held Nancy closely that night on that hill with twinkling lights all around. His heart was beating out of his chest that she could feel it, his breathing was also unusual so she thought it was from that moment he had helped her up, must have winded him!

As they embraced each other they reminisced on the first kiss they had shared on that very spot, Fred declared his love for her and the night could not be more perfect, Nancy thought in her heart, “Maybe next year we’ll get engaged here, this would be the perfect spot!” 

A few seconds later Fred took a deep breath, got on one knee, pulled out the most beautiful ring and asked, “Will you marry me?” Nancy overwhelmed with joy and tears fell to her knees on the ground with with him. He put the ring on her finger and her answer was “YES!” She couldn't believe it! The man of her dreams had proposed to her!

The first thing she frantically asked was, "Do my parents know?" They were so young, in college, did they really agree to this? Was this for real? We're they really that much closer to getting married? He reassured her, "Yes I sat with them and talked to them, I talked to our pastor," and she couldn't believe that her best friend, her boyfriend was now her fiancĂ© and soon to be husband!  

That night Fred and Nancy were the happiest people at the fair just like the night they had shared their first kiss.

The night he proposed

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