Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Happy 1 Month Noah!

My sweet sweet Noah, you are 1 month today! I'm so grateful for you precious boy, you've added so much love and excitement to our family. Luke loves you and has tried to hug you a couple of times! He's also hit you a few times.. Once with his sippy, then my phone and yesterday with a big lego. But you've taken it like a champ and he's learning to be gentle with you! I'm sure you'll catch up with him soon since you already decided to roll over at 5 days and you can hold that head up pretty good! You're not the best sleeper and you keep mommy and daddy up at night but you sure are the best cozy cuddler! I love you baby boy and I love seeing how much you're growing and how chunky you're already getting! You're starting to rock the cutest double chin! I can't wait to celebrate with you you're first Christmas in just a few weeks but Santa said you need to start sleeping better at night if you want to be on the nice list ;) lol! Love you sweet boy!

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