Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Taking a step of faith

Taking a step of faith, completely terrified, excited, optimistic, humbled, supplicating with wrapped arms around the feet of Jesus. After 2 miscarriages that the Lord has perfectly and purposefully placed in the life of Fred and I, we have began the exciting process of "Trying". I know that God is in complete control of this situation and that gives me peace with a little knot in my stomach that reminds me that He gives and takes away. It's almost been a year since my first miscarriage and 9 months since my last. During a deep conversation with Fred he asked me, "If we have a baby, are you ready for your life to change?" I responded with "I'm ready for the life change not so much another roller coaster". God knows why he decided to take my babies and through the whole experience has brought me forth as gold with a deeper relationship with my savior. Am I boarding another roller coaster? Am I ready for a life change? I believe God is telling me to be still and remember He is God, He is in control. His grace has been sufficient through every trial and will remain to uphold me as I continue to live out his perfect will for me. Asking for your prayers the the Lord would bless us with a healthy pregnancy and a little one in His perfect time.


  1. I will be praying for you Nancy!

  2. Oh, how precious you are to me... I am praying for you through this time!