Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Run Away With Me

I read somewhere that moms of 3 are the most stressed.

Not 2, not 5, not 10... Just 3.

This terrified me before I was pregnant with Nathan. Fred and I had always wanted 3 but now the world was telling me that this was the wrong number. It made me think that maybe 2 was just fine but I'm glad the Lord decided to surprise with one more because to me 3 is the magic number.

I love them all so much, so different so unconditional. 

Yes. They're a handful. They are messy. I change multiple poopies all day. They drive me bananas. And occasionally, yes, they stress me out but all that doesn't compare to the joy they give me and how much fun they are!

I'm thankful for my three boys. Thankful I get to stay home with them and run away with them to go on adventures like these. Eating treats. Running wild. Enjoying life with one another.

I ask myself how did I end up with such handsome boys, so funny, so sweet?

Stressed? No way.

Blessed? Absolutely.
Funny I tell ya.

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