Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Happy First Birthday Noah!

My sweet sweet boy, you are ONE today! I can't believe it! Happy Birthday love! You've been such a blessing to me and our family. Being your mommy has been such an adventure, you've kept me up at night but have always made those nights sweet with your little curly head resting on my chest, cuddling in my arms.

You've been the best little brother to Luke, your sweet affectionate character is contagious and you've rubbed off on him making him sweet and cuddly too. You scream at the injustice of him taking the toys away but you also love it and squeal with laughter when he tries to wrestle you.

You are daddy's little man. You light up when daddy walks into the room, he can always make you laugh, you love playing with him and grabbing his prickly beard.

You absolutely love your doggy Gnarly, you try to kiss him and hug him all the time, I've also lost track of the number of times you've eaten out of his bowl!

You have definitely kept me busy as you crawl around at full speed seeing what other cabinet you can empty out or what you can reach now that you can knock over! You're trouble, but I love it because you're always surprising me and keep me laughing at your newest travesura.

Here's a little more about you baby and where you're at:

  • You have 5 teeth, and they've made you suffer and kept you up at night but don't worry you'll be happy later when you're able to bite into a yummy steak!
  • You don't nap or sleep very well, you still wake up at least once at night and your down to one nap unless you're being fussy sometimes I try to sneak another nap in you.
  • You don't even know how to work an iPad but you always want it, but you usually want anything brother has...
  • You wake up groggy and grumpy from naps but it works out because you'll usually cuddle up in my arms for like 20 minutes and I love holding you when your cuddly!
  • You eat just about anything and at this point I'm pretty sure you eat more than Luke!
  • You're starting to stand on your own for a few seconds, you'll get all brave and let go of the furniture, no steps yet but I'm sure their coming!
  • You love when mommy or brother sings!
  • You usually cry every time we drop you off at children's ministry, and thank God these last two sundays we didn't get called because for a a couple of sundays we would have to go get you because you would not stop crying! 
  • You love to give kisses, you just open your little mouth and lean into my face, and I just get drool running down my cheek but they are sweet and they are my favorite!
  • You're drinking big boy whole milk now! 
  • You wear 18 month clothes and 2t pants, shoe size 4/5
  • You had your first hair cut!!!! We cut those sweet curls off your little head, daddy thinks you look better, I think you just look like a little man now, no more baby! But hopefully they'll grow back!
Love you sweet boy heres a few pictures of your birthday party!

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