Wednesday, April 30, 2014

He Calls Him Moh-Moh

MoMo, that's what Luke calls Noah.
He really thinks he's saying No-Ah, but with his silly toddler speech it comes out as Moh-Moh!

So now guess what daddy calls little Noah? That's right Momo! It was cute the first couple of weeks but know everyone else is starting to call him Momo! I even catch myself calling him Momo! Poor guy... LOL! I still try get to Luke to say Noah not Momo so that as his speech develops he'll eventually start saying No-Ah!

It's so funny to hear Luke talking, he sounds so confident and so sure of what he's saying but we have no idea what he's saying half of the time! 

My heart is overjoyed seeing Luke and Noah's relationship develop. Luke will put his face on Noah and with a high pitch voice say, "Hi Moh-Moh" and Noah will get a huge smile on his face! Now I wonder what Noah will call Luke when he starts speaking! Uke?

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