Sunday, November 24, 2013

Dear Noah: An Old Letter from your Crazy Fam

Wrote this for Noah while I was pregnant and never got around to posting. Thought I'd post now so my thoughts don't go to waste. I look back at it now and just giggle because it's a pretty honest description of us!

Dear Noah,
You're almost 8 months old inside of me and we cant wait to meet you!Let me tell you a little about the family you are about to be born into:

First of all there's me, I'm your mama. I'll probably be your favorite for the first few years and you'll want me 90% of the time. Luke your big brother does the same! I will be staying home with you, at least that's the plan! I'll watch you, feed you, bathe you and give you a million and one kisses in a single day. Luke an I like to get out of the house once or twice a week, you'll probably get to know these places pretty well: the library, mall, Costco and Target are our usual's. And then friday gets here which brings me to probably your second fave, Daddy!

Daddy is my favoritest! You'll know its Friday because mommy likes to get dolled up for daddy! Sometimes you'll get to go grandmas and mommy and daddy will go on a date. Other times we get to have family night and we do something fun together! When you think of daddy you'll think of fun! He'll play with you, chase you make you laugh and hopefully he wont fracture you're leg... Just ask Luke! Daddy also helps mommy a ton! He'll also be feeding you and changing your diapers! Saturday mornings he'll let me sleep in so you'll get to have fun daddy time!

Saturday's we like to get out of the house. We eat out, hang out with friends and family and maybe go somewhere fun! You'll probably end up napping in the car or stroller on these days, don't worry your brother survived you'll do just fine!

Speaking of your big brother... He's name is Luke. You've probably already encountered him because he likes to lay on mommy and uses you as his pillow! I've been trying to prepare him for your arrival but honestly he has no idea whats coming! I show him my belly when you move and he just pokes my belly button!

Then Sundays we go to church, your big brother goes to class you'll stick with us the first few months and then join him later. We get to go to the mommy's room and I'll feed you there and change you and you'll get to meet the other babies! After church we go out to lunch and then usually come home and hang out, watch a movie and have daddy chillax before he has to go back to work again...

And thats all she wrote! The plan was to introduce him to grandmas, grandpa, aunts and uncles but I think by that time I was 8 months prego and trying to nap as much as I could so the whole bloggin thing took a back seat! Noah is 3 months now and I'd say he fits right into the crazy Rodriguez clan! You're so loved by us Noah, you've grown the love in this family your smiles are the best, your chuckles are the silliest, hope you're getting the hang of how we roll! 

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