Saturday, February 2, 2013

Luke's First Haircut

We took Luke to get his first haircut last saturday! It was an exciting milestone for us but it was a little sad! A little sad because I feel like Luke's hair is like his trademark. I mean since the day he was born I would hear it from everyone, "Look at all that hair!" And when we brought up the idea of cutting his hair to friends and family many would say we should just let it grow crazy! 

It sure was a tough decision but that little mullet he was getting in the back just had to go and we decided a haircut was inevitable! You know what they say about mullets, "Business in the front, party in the back" well Luke had a party all over that little head of his! And poor guy, he would wake up all sweaty sometimes from his mop of hair!

We went to Sharkey's Cuts for Kids, it was a great place! Very friendly, great service and best of all Luke got to sit in this cool car like a big boy! I was shocked how well he did sitting still. About 20 minutes in we gave him a little snack to calm him down because he was beginning to get antsy. Then 10 minutes after that I had to pick him up so she could finish off and end edged him up. So it took about 40 minutes! 

They gave him a certificate with a little lock of his hair attached to it but the little lock was not enough for mommy! I asked Fred if he could pick up as much of Luke's cut hair off the ground so that I could take it home and put it in zip loc. Fred did, he picked it up and stuffed it in a tissue and then put it in his pocket for me! Lol! 

Now my little baby looks like a little boy. Sigh. 

that face, those cheeks, that hair...

Sad Mommy

the "I'm over this" face

Calming my baby with kisses

All the hair we saved!


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