Tuesday, January 22, 2013

January day in Dallas

Martin Luther King Weekend was incredible! Not sure what was better, that we got to have daddy home for a three day weekend or that we pigged out every day friday through monday! Ok kidding, having my love off an extra day is always a great treat! But we seriously unintentionally got down on some yummy food! Friday-Steaks, Saturday-BBQ at Pecan Lodge, Sunday- Babe's Chicken, Monday- Carne Asada! 

Saturday I was really hoping to make it to the MLK parade in Dallas but Fred had to help my mom move that morning so Kris and Taylour convinced us to go anyways to eat BBQ at Pecan Lodge. I thought "Sure, I Guess" why not? It'd give us something to do on a saturday and Kris is always talking about how great this BBQ place is... OH MY GOSH!!! This place was AWESOME! BEST BBQ I HAVE EVER HAD! Not even exaggerating! It's been featured in Diners, Drive ins and Dives with Guy Fieri and for good reason! Fall off the bone ribs, juicy smoked meat...My goodness delicious! Fred and I had pork ribs, brisket, sausage and mac& cheese. Im pretty sure we're going again this weekend!

Well after stuffing our faces with meat we thought it'd be a good idea to walk around the Farmer's Market and maybe buy a few vegetables so I wouldn't feel as guilty for the carnivorous act I had just committed. 

I truly love farmers markets and the one in Dallas is the best one I have ever been to! We bought these huge carrots, strawberries, blueberries, tomatoes and green tomatoes. So far I made this delicious carrot cake and I made fried green tomatoes! Still trying to figure out how I can make the rest of the produce we bought into something completely unhealthy. 

I just realized I probably sound like the biggest fatty ever but you know what they say... YOLO! Lol! Ok now I sound dumb!  But seriously now after this weekend we're probably going to eat salads and vegetables all week to detox our system! 

We ended the day by driving around Dallas to look for Shepard Fairey's murals. Fred and I had always wanted to see them and we finally found them and Fred got to take some cool pictures! I stayed in the car most of the time because baby Luke was napping so sadly he didn't get in on any of the mural pics but overall, very fun January day in Dallas!
Watching Kris order a feast.
Yes you have to wait in a disneyland line but every minute was worth the wait!
Guy approved!

Mommy can I have a bite?

We love Kris and Tayour!

Someone needs a nap! 

There was a cool empty building Fred wanted to take picture of
This is my favorite picture of them, reminds me of Les Mirables!

This picture does not give this giant fat carrot justice!
Carrot cake! Try this recipe!
Fried Green Tomatoes! I got the recipe here!


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