Saturday, December 22, 2012

Little Drummer Mom

Sometimes I feel like we twisted up the idea about Christmas and giving gifts. What are we celebrating? Giving gifts, receiving gifts? While I love to give gifts when it comes to Christmas my sinfulness gets in the way at times and I question if the gift I am giving is good enough? I change the focus from will the person like it to, what will the person think of me?

As Fred and I have made the decision to live on one income so that I can stay home and raise Luke Christmas in our home is tighter this year. But the decision is far more valuable and more important than a second income. So needless to say gifts have gotten smaller this year but celebrating the holidays with Luke as a family is priceless!

So coming back to the idea of giving gifts and how we got it all twisted. The bible doesn't talk about Jesus, Mary and Joseph having this elaborate gift exchange and inviting the wise men over. What was really happening? The wise men were bringing gifts to the newborn king, gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

As I had Christmas music on one morning the little drummer boy song came on. Year after year i have sang, pa rum pum pum... But I have never really listened to the words until that morning. Boy did that song pierce my heart.

The little drummer boy is a poor boy that has no gift to bring worthy enough for a king. So what did he do? He played his best for him! And in result Jesus smiled at him! This brings me tears of joy now every time I hear this! I think of my baby Luke smiling at me and how precious I find his smile and just to think how beautiful and precious the smile of Jesus must have been!

I think Christmas should be less about the gifts we give each other and more about what we can give to Jesus. I can relate to the poor drummer boy and less to the wise men who brought royal price tag gifts and less to the wise part too! So as a gift to Jesus since I can't play a drum what can I do my best at for him?

That morning as I listened to that song I came to Lord empty handed, I raised my hands and sang and continued my day taking care of Luke and my home and I felt the Lord smiling at me.

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