Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The End of Winter

We played with Luke at the park for the first time this past weekend! He had a blast, and I had a blast taking it all in with the warm breeze that reminds us spring is almost near! 

It was his first time on the swings. I like every other mom was a little panicked at what his reaction was going to be, will he get scared? Scream? Cry? The little guy always proves me wrong! He was overjoyed!

Daddies will be daddies... "Let's push him harder!" was Fred's reply and Luke just smiled in delight of daddy's roughness. It makes me smile that one day when Luke falls off the swings or scrapes his knee he'll run to mommy to kiss his boo-boo and make it better. Or he'll prove me wrong again, get up dust off his pants and keep running! I totally would not be surprised if he was that kid!

As we say goodbye to winter I feel like I also say goodbye to Luke's little baby months. My little guy is growing to fast, almost 8 months! But I am full of excitement of the promise of Spring, new beginnings, flowers blooming, the celebration of Christ's resurrection! I am also excited to see this new stage of Luke, what will he learn, how much will he grow?

I pray that your spring is also full of new beginnings, joys and grace from the Lord!

Friday, March 1, 2013

February in Pictures

Super Bowl!
Morning breakfast for the body and soul!

Chillin on the couch!

Luke got a new high chair!
Estimated the cost for California trip!

Had dinner with my family in some random diner

Daddy facetimed with Luke while he was at work

Saw the Shanty2Chic ladies at a Do-it-Herself workshop at Home Depot

Went to Bone Daddie's...

Watched cousin Addy and made arts and crafts

Daddy's Valentine from Luke

Our homemade Valentines

Went to Melting Pot for the first time

Planned my Sis-in-laws shower!

Made a diaper bouquet for  our friend Kelly to take to the hospital and meet baby Isaiah!

Tried 3 Stacks for the first time!

So yummy!

I've had a few lazy spells

My shopping partner, getting better at keeping it cool in the grocery store

Pack-n-play toy station

Made fresh squeezed lemonade

Bought some "new" threads from the thrift shop!

Celebrated my momma's birthday!
Lukey and Abuelita

Too cool for school... (those are his BuildABear teddy glasses)

Celebrated Luke's great grandma's 78th birthday

Made white chocolate caramel popcorn

Hosted my sis-in-law's Diaper Shower!

Decorated the mantel

DIY tissue paper poms

in love with chalkboards!


Salad, Baked Potato, and Mac&cheese Bar

My niece was born! 2/25/13 Julia Morgan

Luke turned 7 months!